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    Coming Soon: From Nejah's Farm in Ethiopia to Your Cup in San Clemente!

    Coming Soon: From Nejah's Farm in Ethiopia to Your Cup in San Clemente!


    Ethiopia is a “Mecca” of sorts in specialty coffee.  It is widely considered the origin of coffee and is home to many of the world’s highest scored coffees year after year.  Ethiopia has been a dream destination since we began this journey as a coffee company years ago. This year we finally had the opportunity to go. We linked up with the Crop to Cup team in Southern Ethiopia to pay a visit to places like Girgacheffe and Sodoma that have gained international notoriety for their top quality coffees. Crop to Cup has exported coffee out of Ethiopia for years, and the knowledge of the country director Moata was priceless. We spent many hours driving down never ending dirt roads listening and learning from Moata. 

    Each day was long and full. We visited many different mills and farms. Some wtih great reputations, while others are new and will export their coffee for the very first time this season.  Some had multiple international investors, while others were family owned and passed down for generations. There was one mill in particular that stuck out and made a special impact on us. This mill was owned by a young entrepreneur full of passion and vision for the future of coffee.

    This young entrepreneur is Nejah Fadil. We had gotten to know Nejah over the course of the trip as he drove us to the various farms and mills, but it wasn’t until our last day that we realized he owned a mill himself. In his early years, Nejah played professional soccer in the nearby city of Dila. He retired from the game at a young age in order to help run his family's grain mill. Some of their investors also invested in coffee washing mills. Nejah was intrigued and eventually bought his own land in the mountains above Dila to start his own mill. Even though he didn’t know much about coffee yet, he purchased a beautiful lot high in the mountains overlooking a vast valley with a stream running right through it. Nejah made it priority to get to know the local community and gain their respect. When he received the permit necessary to process coffee, Nejah offered local farmers premium prices immediately in hopes of gaining their business despite being new to the industry. 

    Since starting a few years ago, Nejah’s farm has grown considerably and he now collects coffee cherries from over 100 nearby farms. He has strategically built his facilities to continue growing with the dream of providing more jobs and opportunity for the families and farmers in the surrounding area. Nejah takes great pride in his team and took the time to introduce us to each of his team members and share their specific role. Their joy in working with Nejah was evident to us.

    (Nejah's team at his coffee farm with Ryan, Mark and myself)

    After cupping over 50 different Ethiopian coffees, it was Nejah’s that won our favor.  Despite being young and new to the industry, his coffee is a true product of genuine passion and meticulous care. We knew we’d be able to find great coffee in Ethiopia, but we are particularly excited to share this coffee with you and support another young entrepreneur, who just like us truly cares for his team and has big dreams for their future. Look out for Nejah’s coffee in the upcoming months!

    -Taylor Langstaff (International Relations Manager)

    Do Good, Brewed at Home

    Do Good, Brewed at Home

    We all want to be good, make a difference, do what we can to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Well, what if your part could be done without ever leaving your home? Roaster's Club (our coffee subscription service) makes that possible. 

    “Doing Good Farm to Cup.” It’s not just a cute Instagramable saying on our wall in the shop. It is something we live by. Our coffee beans are sustainable sourced directly from farms and roasted in house. 

    With Roaster’s Club, you can donate to our non-profit partners, provide clean water to underserved communities, and even support the small scale farmers we source our coffee from, just by brewing your Roaster’s Club coffee at home. 


    Roaster’s Club, lets you do good brewing right at home. We offer a lot of different subscriptions, also 10% off retail prices free samples of our newest exciting single origin coffees, and an exclusive members only Roasters Club t-shirt.  Plus a portion of every membership goes towards one of our non-profit partners.. it's a win-win-win!   

    Directly Trading into the Perfect Cup of Coffee

    Directly Trading into the Perfect Cup of Coffee

    In a society where consumers are increasingly aware of trade practices, direct trade has become more and more popular.  Consumers are demanding fairness and quality from the businesses they support. A few of the main goals of direct trade are improving traceability, product transparency, and also encouraging businesses with shared values to work together. All of these are great goals and play a role in our mission to “Do Good Farm to Cup”... but in the end, our favorite aspect of engaging in direct trade is something less measurable.

    A necessary part of direct trade is growing personal relationships between the producer and consumer.  For us this means getting to know those who grow, pick, and process the coffee we roast and brew. The opportunity to build these relationships and learn from these hardworking friends is what makes direct trade so valuable to us.  Through these relationships we have been able to learn first hand how the different ways farmers care for their plants with unique fermentation processes, and how the many variables in the coffee industry can affect each farm. We are always learning; and this learning curve would be much steeper without the relationships that we continue to build through direct interaction with those producing the coffee we buy.

    We started a business with some of our best friends which makes it easy to maintain an enjoyable work environment.  When we purchase coffee directly we are doing the same thing. Working with friends. This makes selling coffee enjoyable because we know their story, we know the effort they’ve put forth to create this coffee, and we are eager to share this with our customers.  We respect all the hard work our friends have done cultivating these coffees, and feel a responsibility to continue attention to detail when we roast and brew the coffee they have farmed and processed.

    An additional benefit to working closely with those who grow the coffee we purchase, is that they are eager to hear feedback.  They strive to create coffees that YOU want to drink. Our goal is to support friends who grow great coffee and to serve the most enjoyable cup possible. We have been blessed with the opportunity to grow these relationships from Farm to Cup, and this is why we trade directly whenever possible!